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Best gadgets for the modern poker player

Many of today’s tournaments allow players to wear headphones, so whether at home or around the felt, these are a key part of a player’s gadget requirements.

jbl solar-powered headphones

Every aspect of our life can be improved by gadgets, especially with the recent advances in technology such as 5G.

Can you imagine going for a run now without your smartwatch and Strava monitoring your every step? Can you fathom how people used to get from one place to another without sat-nav technology in their car? Also, how did you listen to music before Spotify?

Gadgets are everywhere, and you can get one for almost anything. Popular hobbies across the US are impacted too: if you are a fisherman, there are gadgets to help you catch fish, and if you are a poker player, there are gadgets to help you win games. The New York Times reports that last year, 40,000 players took part in the online World Series of Poker, cementing its status as a hugely popular pastime across the country.

Appearances in behemoth videos games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 have helped fuel what might be described as a second boom, as has the recent pandemic which has kept players at home with little to focus on. It is suggested that there are as many as 50 million casual players across the country, and as with other hobbies, they all want to find those small margins which turn a loss into a win. explains how iGaming, of which online poker is a part of, is experiencing a revival, which will only lead to more interest, more players and of course, more gadgets and aids. If you are one of the players taking advantage of laws relaxing across the United States, then here are three great gadgets you need to improve your game.

Wireless Poker Controller

Serious gamers of all types usually have some sort of custom controller, ergonomically designed to fit their hand, or customized to give them a unique piece of equipment to aid their success. Well, online poker players have been afforded the same luxury, to a degree. Poker Controls’ Wireless Poker Controller will set a player back around $100 and comes with features such as the Raise-o-Meter and fixed bet buttons, making multi-tabling a breeze.

Poker Watch

Practice makes perfect, right? What if you could practice your Texas Hold’em on a watch, a complicated gaming machine that does not rely on Random Number Generators, but a complex mechanical setup? Well, the Christophe Claret Poker Watch is the watch for you. The PVD black-coated titanium casing looks stylish, as you would expect from Christophe Claret. This is not a watch simply for the average poker enthusiast either; it will appeal to the keenest of horologists. The hands ranking chart on shows that there is a 31-000-to-1 chance of a royal flush in poker so with this function for up to three players, that means more than 90,000 possible combinations for the watch to cope with, making it an astonishing feat of engineering to be marveled at.

Wireless Headphones

Many of today’s tournaments allow players to wear headphones, so whether at home or around the felt, these are a key part of a player’s gadget requirements. Sometimes, tournaments take place in busy locations with lots of tables and noise, reducing concentration levels. Whether you like thrash metal to pump you up, classical to chill you out or anything in between, having something to block out the background noise can be essential, allowing you to focus on getting your strategy right.

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