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This web app reminds you of your friends’ birthdays, which means you can finally delete Facebook

Happy birthday to us.

Birthdays reminder app
Image: Birthdays Reminder

Birthdays Reminder is a web app to finally replace the birthday reminders that you still hold on to your Facebook account for. Oh, and it’s got a comprehensive, readable privacy policy with an actual email address to contact – how awesome is that?

Plus it’s free, nobody but you will see your data (according to the developer), and turning off my adblocker didn’t immediately turn the site into a flashing mess of advertising.

Here’s how to do it

If the only reason you’re still holding on to your Facebook account is to remind you of your friend’s birthdays, now you can finally delete your account.

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Okay, not just yet, as you’ll need it in a minute to transfer some information across, but really soon, okay?

  1. Head on over to the Birthdays Reminder website and click on the big, green Get Started button
  2. Add your email address then go into your email account to find the email that the site will send, and click on the verification link
    Birthdays reminder email
  3. Add your Name and Birthday here (the site says it needs this to comply with EU law)
  4. Set the reminder time and timezone you want
Birthdays reminder settings
Image: Birthdays Reminder
  • Import the list of birthdays from Facebook (or hit Skip if you’d rather manually enter them). To do this, Open the events page on Facebook, scroll to the bottom and copy/paste the birthdays link address into the box shown on the website.
  • Import birthdays from facebook
    Image: Birthdays Reminder
  •  Choose which birthdays to import from the list pulled from the link you just posted
    Birthdays reminder import choose
  • Delete your Facebook account and let out a sigh of relief
  • Oh, and you can manually add birthdays from the main page if you don’t want anything touching your Facebook account.

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    What do you think? Is this something you’d use to keep up with your friends’ birthdays or are you like Curtis and avoid wishing people happy birthday on Facebook? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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