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Brave browser now has a built-in crypto wallet

Store your NFTs and coins without third party extensions.

brave browser crypto wallet
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You’ll no longer need to install sketchy browser extensions to hold your crypto, as the Brave browser now has a native cryptocurrency wallet that covers almost anything blockchain-related a user could want. That includes storage of your coins, storing NFTs, tracking prices, and even toying with websites that have blockchain features.

That means no more relying on third-party extensions like MetaMask, one of the popular crypto storage extensions. With Brave Wallet, you can buy tokens through Wyre (who also handles Ledger users’ purchasing ability), track your portfolio, send and receive tokens or NFTs, and more. This change makes Brave’s Crypto Wallets extension a legacy tool now, so you probably want to swap your assets into the inbuilt wallet ASAP.

The wallet “supports all EVM compatible chains (Polygon, xDai, Avalanche, etc.) and Etherium layer 2’s,” and is self-custody, so you hold your private keys. That’s important since some easy-to-use crypto services don’t actually let you do that. It’s your crypto, you should hold the keys, period.

Brave is saying that its wallet should be safer than alternatives, as you can’t get fooled by a phishing extension scam, and it’s hardened against efforts to steal NFTs. It also functions much more like a hardware device, instead of how extensions do things.

The wallet is now available through the settings page via the Wallet tab in Brave 1.32, and will be coming to the mobile browsers “soon.” Next year, the Solana blockchain will be integrated, and that will become the standard for DApp support.

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