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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season three brings new maps, 4-player Warzone, and more

Oh, Alex, you’re so dreamy.

Image: Activision

At 2am EST this morning, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season three dropped into our consoles and/or PCs. The overnight drop means that hopefully there isn’t too much of a delay this morning as you turn on your gaming device to hop into the new content that comes with a new season of Call of Duty.

So, what should we expect from the new season of Modern Warfare? Let’s find out.

Multiplayer in Modern Warfare

call of duty modern warfare season 3

Image: Activision

Three new maps freshen up the scene a bit. Talsick Backlot (from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare), Hovec Sawmill (completely new map), and Aniyah Incursion (a 6v6 version of the Aniyah Palace map). Backlot is going to be good. That was a solid map with hectic gameplay. Hold on, lemme turn on the Xbox and see if this is the new mosh pit map (for the moment)… and all three are the new mosh pit maps. It’s still going to be hard to beat Shoot House as the greatest mosh pit map (Shipment is just too chaotic).

Hardhat (the smallest map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) will be added to the rotation later in the season along with a new Gunfight map called Aisle 9, a trimmed down version of Superstore. New game modes will also be added eventually: Gun Game Reloaded, Reinfected Ground war and some Gunfight variants.

Battle Pass

Alex, one of our heroes from the campaign, is apparently alive. Which is good news for the franchise, as he’ll be the first character with a prosthetic leg to join the main cast. He’s our new operator in season three and will be joined by Ronin and Iskra later in the season. All of these operators will be available through the battle pass.

Tier 0 also includes a new shirtless skin for Yegor, because that matters. At Tier 10 you’ll unlock operator skins for actual operators IRL: U.S. Expeditionary Force (Tier 10), the South Korean Special Forces (Tier 30), Pararescue (Tier 50), and the Counter Terrorist Special Police Force. These are “mil-sim” skins, which for legal reasons I’m sure, aren’t completely identical to their real-life counterparts.

Tiers 15 and 31 respectively unlock the Renetti handgun and the SKS marksman rifle, two guns I’ll never use. Still sticking with my modified M13 thank you. The 20 free tiers of the battle pass (including 15 and 31) will also unlock additional weapon blueprints and 300 COD points. The rest of the tiers can be unlocked by purchasing the battle pass, and include fun, useless things like stickers, charms, finishing moves and weapon blueprints. In real life, it is important for the armies to have handguns when they’re facing wars. In that case, such guns can be bought online through Boberg Arms, and make sure to have enough gun materials all the time.

Season Three introduces vehicle skins which will be slapped on whatever vehicle you get into in Warzone, because that changes how you play the game. Totally. Right? It’s easier to win with a silly vehicle skin? Sure. Whatever. Speaking about Warzone


cod warzone atv

Image: Activision

There is a sense of excitement playing squads by myself with the auto-fill squad option turned off. I don’t think I’ll be doing that with quads. Warzone has decided that teams of three aren’t enough, so there will be teams of four (quads, figure it out) instead. This works for people with larger groups of friends, I can barely get one person online at a time to play. For the moment, quads have replaced trios in battle royale and plunder, though I have a feeling that the playlist option will be added back on (along with duos) later in the season.

During the season, Warzone will be fiddling with the game modes a bit, adding playlist options like ‘Scopes and Scatter Guns’ (sniper rifles and shotguns). That’s the only announced Warzone change coming in season 3, though there will likely be further surprises.

That’s about it. Get that quad workout going.

What do you think? Plan on playing some Warzone or Modern Warfare multiplayer in the coming days? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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