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Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 5 controller and it’s something alright

I’ll reserve judgment until I get the chance to use one.

playstation 5 controller
Image: Sony

As we get further into the year and closer to the release date of the next batch of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, there are still quite a few things that are unknown. One of those things was the controller for the PlayStation 5. Previous rumors pointed to a similar-looking controller to the PS4, but now Sony has lifted the veil off the PS5 controller, and man, I don’t know about this.

Announced via Twitter, the controller is bright white and almost boomerang-shaped. Our own Curtis had a different take. “[I]f that was a truck it’d be a 4-wheel drive raptor sport with those big wheels – on city streets.” Kevin also had something to say, noting he “can’t wait to get boogers all over it.” Thanks, Kev.

Overall, the design is a stark contrast to the PlayStation 4 controller but maintains much of the basic structure of past PlayStation controllers. This new shape should help with the haptic feedback that Sony will be implementing in the PS5 by having more of your hands on the controller at all times.

It’s a bold design, but that is fine – as long as it feels good in-hand.

What do you think? Interested in the Ps5? Do you like the PlayStation 5 controller design? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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