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Can I run Windows 11 on my M1-powered Mac?

Windows 10 worked on Apple’s Mac range, but what about the new Windows 11? Here’s what to know.

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Quick Answer: Yes, you can run Windows 11 on an M1 Mac with a virtual machine app called Parrells. It works by creating a virtual machine that can run both Mac and Windows programs simultaneously.

Apple has long supported running Windows on its Mac range natively through Boot Camp or virtualization tools.

That was back when Macs were all Intel-based, but what about now that Apple is using its own chips? Can Windows 11 run on the new M1-powered Macs?

Microsoft does have an ARM-based version of Windows that it uses on its own Surface devices, so what about those builds working on Apple’s hardware?

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Will I be able to run Windows 11 on my M1-powered Mac?

Short answer: Yes, but you’ll have to use a virtual machine program like Parrells to pull it off.

While the M1 chip technically has everything needed to run Windows, Microsoft doesn’t appear to have any plans to support it with Windows.

Thankfully, Parallels lets you skirt around this roadblock. Basically, it is software that allows you to run Windows 11 on a Mac computer.

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It creates a virtual machine on your Mac, like a computer within your computer, that can run both Mac and Windows programs simultaneously.

This means you can use your favorite Windows programs alongside Mac programs without switching back and forth between them.

Overall, it’s an easy way to use Windows on your Mac and definitely something looking into.

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The ball is in Microsoft’s court

Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi said that having native Windows running on the M1-based Macs is “really up to Microsoft.”

And he’s totally right. The M1 chip contains all the core technologies needed to run Windows.

If Microsoft wanted to, they could license their tech to have Windows 11 run on Apple’s hardware, which doesn’t appear in the cards right now.

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