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Can I sell my smartphone if it’s broken?

Mobile users often wonder if they can sell their broken mobile phones. The answer is yes and you can also expect some cash in return when you sell them.

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So you are here probably because you have a broken mobile phone and wondering if you can ever sell it. The short answer to this question is yes. There are several bulk buyers and recyclers who will readily accept your old handset and offer you some cash in return. The condition of your handset doesn’t really matter. So whether you have a faulty LCD, cracked screen, or the mobile won’t turn on, you can still expect to receive something in return.

Having a broken handset has become very common these days as bulk buyers and recyclers get a significant number of such devices. Research by SquareTrade also has proved that a good number of smartphone owners have damaged phones. Do not feel bad that you have a broken mobile phone as there are many other people just like you. So if you are wondering how to sell my mobile that is broken at a good price, there will be plenty of buyers who will happily accept your device.

What is the worth of broken cell phones?

The reason you can get a good price from buyers and recyclers is that they specialize in buying wrecked phones. They repair and refurbish to resell them again, which enables them to pay you a fair amount. If your device is beyond repairs, it will get dismantled, and its spare parts will get used in other handsets. It makes your old phone still have a lot of value.

Phones are expensive, and even if they get dismantled, they still hold a lot of value. Damages like bad camera, cracked screen, or battery issues can get resolved. So the buyers will refurbish your handset and sell it again in the market, making a good profit out of it. Such buyers are thus actively on the lookout for mobile users that have broken handsets.

So even if you have a water damaged handset or it won’t turn on, you still have a good chance of getting a decent amount by selling it. To know more about how much is your device worth, visit the different websites of buyers to get a free quote. Remember to mention all the details to get an accurate quote.

Is it worth repairing the broken mobile phone before selling it?

You might think that you will get a higher price for a handset that works well as compared to the one that doesn’t. However, it is not that simple. Buying companies usually have large-scale repair facilities that enable them to repair devices at a low cost. They can pay you a higher price because the repair cost is negligible for them. So you can always expect a decent amount when you deal with them.

When you try to get a mobile phone repaired by yourself, you would be paying the regular costs. It will be higher and needs consideration if it would be worth it. You can check the price on offer for broken handsets and also have a look at the repair costs for your device. Next, you must look for the price offered for a handset that is in working condition. It will not make any sense if the repair cost and the price of a wrecked handset are the same or more than the price of a device that is in good condition.

It is not worth it to repair your handset before selling it in a majority of the cases. The money and hassle put in repairing the wrecked phone will not help you get a significantly higher amount. So you can sell the phone right away without bothering much.

How to sell a broken phone?

Selling broken mobile phones is easy as there are only a few steps involved. 

  • Visit the websites of buying and phone recycling companies to get their quotes by filling in the details accurately.
  • Compare the quotes to arrive at the best offer.
  • Send your device to the buyer through their free shipping service.
  • Wait for their inspection and the cash to get transferred.

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