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Canceled your Spotify subscription? Get 30-free days of Amazon Music Unlimited

If you’re sick of Spotify’s shit, give Amazon your money. They’ll gladly take it.

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If you’re trying to free yourself from the Joe Rogan controversy on Spotify, cancel your subscription and make the switch to another music streaming service. If you need a suggestion, give Amazon Music Unlimited a shot.

Right now, it’s free for 30-days for new subscribers. And just like Spotify, you get access to 75 million songs. So you can listen to it anywhere and anytime. And since you’re paying for it, there are no ad interruptions either. So it’s essentially Spotify, but without all the Joe Rogan controversy.

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Once your free trial is over, the service costs $9.99 per month. But you can cancel anytime. The pro move is to sign up for the free trial and cancel it before the 30-days are up. And if you end up liking the service, just let it ride and consider yourself part of the Amazon Music Unlimited family.

If you’re looking for a new music streaming service, Amazon’s offering is pretty legit. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Click the button below for more info.

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