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If you’re on ChatGPT Plus, you can add relevant GPTs to your chats

You can now add unique skills to your ChatGPT conversations.

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OpenAI has introduced a new feature for ChatGPT, allowing paid subscribers to seamlessly integrate specific Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) into ongoing conversations.

By typing “@” followed by a selection from the available GPT list, ChatGPT Plus users can infuse their chatbot chats with specialized AI applications that are contextually aware of the entire thread, enhancing the relevance of responses.

For instance, if you want to find information about a specific film, you can type in @film, which will display a list of customs GPTs that match it.

As part of their aim to broaden GPT usage and interactivity, OpenAI recently unveiled the GPT Store–a hub where users can browse and engage with these AI-powered tools right from ChatGPT’s interface.

Thanks to a user-friendly design, building and deploying GPTs doesn’t require programming knowledge, resulting in a diverse array of applications.

Currently, offerings range from Khan Academy’s coding helper to Canva’s creative assistant. Think of it as Alexa Skills but for your personal chatbot.

However, scaling up GPT integration isn’t without its challenges.

For one, moderation bottlenecks emerged as the GPT Store was quickly populated with questionable chatbots during its initial launch, resulting in a swift response from OpenAI’s combined human and machine review system.

The road ahead is framed with the necessity for vigilant moderation and strategies to increase user engagement.

Success in this space spells richer, more personalized AI interaction for users and opens new revenue avenues for developers, creating an ecosystem thriving on creativity, utility, and ethical AI use.

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