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Woah, Civilization VI is making its way to the Nintendo Switch

Just one more turn…

While I haven’t played Civilization VI yet, something I have yelled into the abyss quite often when I was playing the last version, Civ V, was that I would love to have the Civilization experience on a console or even something portable, as its turn-based playstyle seemed conducive to both lounging on the couch and long trips on the subway.

Well, it seems Firaxis Games and 2K Games were listening in on my thoughts, because announced today, Civilization VI is coming to everyone’s favorite mobile console, the Nintendo Switch. According to the website, Civ VI on Switch will feature the latest game updates and improvements, as well as a little bit extra in the form of four new scenario packs. These packs include scenarios revolving around Vikings, Poland, Australia, and Persia and Macedon.

With Civilization VI, how you go about dominating the world is up to you. Whether you want to win with science or an iron fist, you’ll soon learn a lot about yourself as you decide the best way to achieve world peace (or is it domination?). Multiplayer will also be available in the form of four-player cooperative or competitive over wireless LAN.

Honestly, reviews have been a bit mixed on Civilization VI, with the general consensus being to play Civilization V, but from speaking with friends who are deep into VI, it is still an extremely enjoyable experience, so hopefully, that transfers to the Switch.

Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch launches November 16. It is available on PC for $59.99.

Update: The creators of Civilization VI just dropped the official announcement trailer. Check it out below:

What do you think about Civilization VI coming to the Switch? Let us know below.

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