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This mouse controls the computer that is built inside of it


A mouse with a raspberry pi inside on a white background
Image: Electronic Grenade / YouTube

It continues to amaze me what people can do with a little bit of gumption, technical know-how, maybe a bit of boredom, and that sweet YouTube money.

Take, for example, Youtuber Electronic Grenade who put a literal computer inside of a mouse-like enclosure. Using a Raspberry Pi Zero, a small (1.5″) OLED screen, and a 3D-printed case, Electronic Grenade was able to make a mouse that was not only functional but could control the tiny computer, as well.

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More about the video

There is currently no full-blow how-to video on how the YouTube did it, but he does note that a full how-to video is on the way. Some of the struggles included creating a mouse enclosure that functioned as a both a Raspberry Pi casing, as well as the sensors for the actual mouse.

In the video, Electronic Grenade is even able to run a Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft on the tiny PC, for about 15 seconds.

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