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Crafty Vaporizer vs. Mighty Vaporizer: Sibling rivalry

The Mighty and Crafty each have a few similarities and differences that makes us very indecisive.


When it comes to vaporizers, Storz and Bickel take away the prize for being the most innovative, performance-oriented, and high-quality manufacturers. There is absolutely no doubt that the products coming from the minds of Storz and Bickel won’t serve your purpose with efficiency. Known as the game changers, Storz and Bickel have revolutionized the vape market by introducing a line of medical vapes, easing it down for millions across the world. 

With big brands, there are always two sibling products that are constantly compared. And when the comparison is rampant, there is always the question of who is better and why?

There are two flagship portable vaporizers by Storz and Bickel; the powerful Mighty and the smaller sibling, The Crafty. Even though they might differ in size, they are extremely well-made to deliver quality vapor. From being your partner in crime to being your jam with the homies, they serve every vaper’s needs and dreams. 

For a while, Mighty ruled the vaporizer market with its features, however, there was the drawback of it being bulky and not being discreet enough. As these grievances grew, Storz & Bickel rolled out another similar piece known as the Crafty which was half the size of Mighty and pretty similar in performance. Each worthy of attention, there has been since the ongoing debate of Crafty Vaporizers vs Mighty Vaporizer. 

In this article, we are addressing the sibling rivalry, presenting you with a clear picture of both sides so you can make an informed purchase and decision. Let’s get started.

Vaping Experience

One of the most sought-after features is the vaping experience. I mean, this is why you get a vaporizer. 

Storz and Bickel produced both these devices to present with a vapor quality that is exceptionally smooth and flavorsome. This is done through their heating approach which focuses more on the extraction of the terpenes and goodness of your herbs rather than on the seconds it takes to heat up. 

Not only heating but the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer also employs hybrid heating technique, meaning they have the best of both the world; conduction and convection.

The convection method first toasts the herbs ensuring there is an even heat, while the conduction blows heat towards the end of the session, leaving no terpene or flavor hanging in the herb, and taking the last bit to the user. 


When it comes to portability and size, there is an obvious difference between both siblings. The Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer is known to have a striking difference when it comes to portability, size, & pocketability. 

If you’re someone who keeps portability as one of the top priorities of a vaporizer, you might be more inclined towards the Crafty as it is an entire inch smaller in terms of width and height. The Mighty Vape on the other hand measures 5.5 inches in height, 1.2 inches deep, and 3.2 inches wide. 

Naturally, if the size differs, there is going to be a distinction in the weight. The Mighty measures a whopping 8 ounces whereas the Crafty is on the lighter scale with just a little over 5 ounces. 

This was about the weight and height, but the takeaway here is the portability. People like a vape that they can discreetly hide in the pocket or bags or one that fits in the palm easily. If discreteness and pocket-ability is a huge factor for you, you would want the Crafty Vaporizer. 

Remember that with Mighty, there is no hiding it or vaping discreetly. You’re using it loud and proud, but Crafty can be hidden from the prying eyes. Some might even say that Mighty is too big to be considered to be a true portable vaporizer, but we will leave that with you to decide. 

Talking about the overall portability and discretion, Crafty definitely takes away the prize. 

Battery Power & Heat-up Time

Moving on from one big difference to another starking one; the battery power. 

The Mighty is not just ‘mighty’ in the size, but also holds twice the battery power (2 X 2600 lithium-ion batteries), when compared to the crafty one. Of course, a larger battery proves to provide longer and better sessions. For example, the mighty give at least 10 sessions whilst the Crafty only delivers half of it. 

The other comparison here is in terms of heating time. The Mighty, with its larger battery, easily reaches 200°c in just a minute while the Crafty takes almost 3 minutes. As a vape enthusiast, it is evident that the time is more than what most vaporizers offer, but this delay is an intentional design feature that helps you give you enough vapour production. And the wait is absolutely worth it!

However, both the vapes can produce herbs within 90 seconds. 

Moving on from the battery life and heating time, let’s take a look at how you can refuel the Vaporizer. 

The Crafty Vaporizer uses a USB Charger, which is a much more compatible option but a little slower. It also works with external battery packs which help to mitigate poor battery life. 

On the other hand, the Mighty uses 110 Volt DC plug, which needs the included power cord or similar but has a better charging time. 

The best feature here is the pass-through charging, so you can easily keep vaping even while charging. 

Design & Ease of Use

Storz and Bickle might have used the most elaborate technology to ensure the best vapour production, however, it has kept the interface fairly simple and easy to understand. There are absolutely no fussy buttons or excessively steep learning curve that you might find in many other vaporizers. 

Starting with the smaller sibling, the Crafty offers a single power button which you use to switch on the vape. Once the vape reaches 180°C, it will vibrate indicating you can start vaping. You can also opt for the boost mode by double-clicking on the power button which allows the vape to be heated to 195°c very quickly. 

The Crafty also features a remote control which you can download in your mobile as an app. The app allows you to switch between two temperatures preloaded into the vape. 

The Mighty is also similar in terms of ease of use and interface. It has more specific temperature control which is commonly seen in electronic vaporizers. The clearly marked plus and minus arrows allow you to set the temperature at which you want to vape. Additionally, you can also choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as adjust the timers.

A perfectly tailored experience!

The design of both the vapes features a unique ‘filling aid’, which is a large tray that seamlessly connects with the supplied grinder, making it easier to fill the bowl. 

Apart from the design, even the make of both the vape is extremely well-build with medical-grade products. They also have an airpath that is completely isolated from the electronics. 

The Conclusion

The Mighty and Crafty each have a few similarities and differences that makes us very indecisive. I would suggest the buyer to make out their priorities and then go ahead to choose the sibling that is offering the same. 

For those who want the discreteness and portability shall opt for Crafty whereas people who prefer longer battery life and precise temperature control. In the end, we are the fence-sitters but you have everything you need to make a decision. 

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