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Discover the best free VPN services and make the web safe again

The Internet contains many threats. To protect your data from being stolen you might want to change your IP address and encrypt the traffic with VPN.


In 2016 more people feel the need to protect their private information and browsing on the web. There are quite a few reasons why that can be useful. We put a lot of information out there without realizing that it can be intercepted by third parties.

For example, someone can steal your email, see your skype conversations or even payment details. Unfortunately, having an antivirus is no longer enough. You need more advanced tools. The most popular at this point is Virtual Private Network or VPN.

What is a VPN?

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Virtual Private Network is a technology that allows to change your IP address and encrypt the Internet traffic. In other words, you can appear to be using the Internet from a completely different place in the world. On top of that, you can also encrypt your Internet traffic which means no one can see what you are doing online. Even if someone manages to break into your local network, they will only be able to find encrypted data.

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You do not need any other protection online. Your Internet activities will be automatically encrypted. It is almost impossible to decrypt encrypted data with brute force and the intruder will not even bother to try.

How to choose a VPN provider?

VPN services are quite popular and it is possible to find many different providers online. Most of them are paid but there are also those who offer free VPN servers. We have searched the web and found best free vpn server. You no longer have to browse the web and test every single server that pops up. We have done that for you and there are actually quite a few great free servers available today.

Technical Parameters

Whenever you choose a VPN provider check few things before you decide. Some important points are:

– supported VPN protocols (OpenVPN is preferred)
– encryption algorithm (AES is preferred)
– logs policy (“no logs” policy is preferred)
– technical support (24/7 is the preferred option, at least via ticket system)

Sometimes some of the mentioned parameters or even all of them are available only with a paid provider but free does not always mean easy. This is especially true with VPN.

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There are many threats on the Internet today. The user has to secure their private data and traffic from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, you can not trust anyone without that, even your ISP. So, the best way to secure yourself is to encrypt the traffic.

VPN’s can help you with that. Our list contains the best fee VPN service that we have found. You can try any of them right now but be ready to manually configure the connection and share the server with other privacy-concerned users.


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