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Donald Trump has a new “social” platform that is literally just a blog for his rants

Getting strong LiveJournal vibes here.

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The Oversight Board has just made its decision in regards to the indefinite Donald Trump suspension, but while Facebook decides whether to ban him or allow him back, Trump has a new place to share his ramblings.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump is a new “social” platform that looks and feels a lot like Twitter, but it’s only for him. This comes after Trump and company announced they would be releasing their own platform “in 2-3 months.

The content is exactly what you would expect from Trump. Ramblings, rants, claims of a stolen election – you know the deal. There are options to share the posts on Facebook and Twitter and there’s a heart button for supporters, but at present, that button literally does nothing.

donald trump social site
Screenshot: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump

According to Fox News, additional functionality will be added that allows him to interact directly with his cult followers. What that entails is yet to be seen.

While Trump had posts removed and flagged on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube plenty of times, it was the posts during and after the January 6 riot at Capitol Hill that ultimately led to his removal from social sites.

Videos and messages posted at that time encouraged people to stop, but Trump also maintained that the election was stolen, going as far as to tell the rioters that he loved them and that they were “very special.”

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