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Facebook vaguely threatens users to give up their data if they don’t want to pay for the service

Facebook is fighting to hold on to your data.

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Facebook has given its response to the most recent privacy updates that are a part of Apple’s iOS 14 update. A new notice now appears on the Facebook and Instagram app informing users of how the company gathers and utilizes your information.

The notice claims that Facebook and Instagram use your information to help keep both of the platforms “free of charge.”

This new notice was initially revealed on Twitter by Ashkan Soltani, and reveals Facebook’s stance on the new privacy update from Apple.

In addition to keeping the platforms free, this notice also claims that the company uses user data to give personalized ads as well as supporting small businesses with those ads.

Apple’s new policy requires that apps get express consent from users when trying to share a user’s Identifier for Advertisers or IDFA. The policy still allows apps like Facebook and Instagram to use data given by users for itself, the company just can’t share that data with any third party.

Facebook has been vocal about Apple’s new policy, and this notice fits that same mold. The company has claimed that Apple’s new privacy policies are dangerous to small businesses, which rely on the targeted advertising that it provides using all of its users’ collected data.

The “help keep Facebook free of charge” stance is pretty odd, however. Facebook has always been free, and should probably stay that way. At the end of the day, this seems like some sort of scare tactic from the company to try and make sure its users continue to comply. Chances are that Facebook will always be free, and even Apple’s privacy updates aren’t going to change that.

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