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File conversions: How to convert a PDF to an online fillable form

When converting PDFs to online fillable forms, you may consider various methods, including using free software or purchasing software tools.

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Digital continuity allows you to use your information in whichever format you need it. Converting files into formats that help you understand, analyze, and present information is crucial for your organization.  Accessing your data in different formats can help you unlock new insights that may otherwise go unnoticed with old data formats.

Although data is not necessarily hidden with any format you are using, converting and restructuring your files into something new exposes you to an equivalent of new perspectives. Forms are also an integral part of everyday working life, allowing you to regulate processes, record information, and create an overview of certain organization issues. Converting forms into simpler formats improves efficiency in business processes. 

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most widely used document format in the world, enabling businesses and individuals to handle different data complexities with this format. Using PDF files instead of word documents or other types of files allows you to preserve features of that file such as the fonts, graphics, margins, and other formatting features you wish to retain.

In the past, to edit a PDF document, you were supposed to print out and fill then upload a manually filled document. However, with advancements in technology in the 21st century, you can now convert PDF to fillable online forms for users to fill in the requested information on their computers. Converting PDF to fillable online form is crucial since not all your users will be able to fill and save the document as per your expectations.

Benefits of Converting PDF forms to Online Fillable Forms

Online fillable forms are becoming increasingly popular since they offer interactive formatting options. Depending on the purpose, scope, and nature of your forms, online fillable forms could be the right solution for your business. Below are some of the key benefits that you will realize by converting PDF forms into online fillable forms.

  • Easy to share: with nearly everyone using the internet in today’s digital world, sharing online files is easy since users can either attach the files vial email or share a URL of the web location of the form. The online forms can be integrated into your database for quick access. Since the information on the online forms is stored in XML language, it is easily convertible into a database format for later use.
  • Easy to fill: By working electronically, you will be able to collect and process data more efficiently, thus decreasing the chance for errors. Tips can be added to the form to help users understand what data they should fill under different sections. In case the form is lengthy, one can always save and return to complete later without losing any data.
  • Convenience: users can easily open, fill, and submit forms within their browsers and save a copy of the same on their computers. Online features, including restore can be added to the online form to allow uses clear data from all fields and start over in the event of an error. Furthermore, online fillable forms provide clear and legible on-screen text.
  • Eco-friendly: collecting and distributing electronic forms can significantly reduce paper consumption hence helping you run a greener premise. Downloaded blank forms can be saved for future use without the need of always converting PDF to fillable online forms. By enabling e-signatures, users can send completed form electronically eliminating the need for printing.
  • Improved productivity: With online forms, it becomes easy to collect, distribute, track, and manage processes from the comfort of your desk. Your organization runs smoothly and efficiently while saving valuable time and money associated with replicating, mailing, and managing paper forms.

When converting PDFs to online fillable forms, you may consider various methods, including using free software or purchasing software tools. Adobe Acrobat is the most widely used tool but can be complex for beginners. PDFelement Pro and MS Word are easier and less expensive alternatives for you to convert PDF to fillable forms on both Mac systems and Windows.

Other alternatives include using PlatoForms, which helps you to upload your PDF while retaining your document’s original design and using the drop and drag tool to convert the file. Once the form is created, you will embed it to your website or share the URL directly with your users who do not have to worry about the download size or access.

Interactive PDF forms are the best solutions to eliminating the inconveniences of manual paper handling. With various software tools available, online, you will be able to convert PDFs to online fillable forms at your convenience. Most of the advanced conversion software tools are available at a fee. However, you can choose the trial versions to test if the software suits your organizational needs or opt free software. The free software will deliver satisfactory results that will enable you to convert PDFs into online forms.

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