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Ninja Warrior hits Fortnite with this streamer-made course

Ok, this looks pretty fun.

Who else spent way too many hours watching both Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior while shoving chips down your gullet and judging the obviously superior humans on screen? Yeah, me neither.

For those not in-the-know, the shows pits contestants against each other in various obstacle courses that would test every physical aspect of the people participating. Now, that same excitement (used loosely) has been brought to YouTube and Fortnite thanks to a group of gamers led by streamer, Muselk.

With the help of some buddies, the video showcases a full course of jumps, dives, and balancing acts. The team of gamers used a bunch of different features from the popular battle royale game to make a course over Loot Lake that takes advantage of different building pieces and jump pads. There’s really not much else to say about it, I recommend checking it out for a bit and then skipping ahead to the race – that’s where the fun really starts.

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