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Free plagiarism checker: how to choose the best

Here is a quick guide on how you can choose the best plagiarism checker

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Plagiarism checking software is something we can hardly imagine our life without right now. With the amount of different content being published every day constantly growing, the incidents of stealing one’s ideas and using one’s words are quite common. Academia strives to fight the problem using modern algorithms and technologies.

No surprise that anti plagiarism policies cause lots of trouble for students. You can be sure that your words and ideas are original, but these devices can still find a match on the Internet. Of course, this adds students extra work. However, it guarantees their papers are 100% original and unique. Moreover, such software can help you quickly check the essay from online professional essay writers to affirm its quality.

Therefore, students should act critically in choosing the best plagiarism checker. Some of them are available for free, others require payment. The internal mechanisms work the same way in both options. However, the differences are still present.

Here is a quick guide on how you can choose the best plagiarism checker:

Do You Know Turnitin?

Turnitin is one of the most advanced plagiarism checkers used in higher education. It is believed to be the most comprehensive and sensitive tool. However, we recommend you avoid using it. Moreover, it requires quite a substantial payment.

Yet, the price is not the main reason for our recommendation. The truth is that there is a 98% chance that your teacher will run your essay through this checker. If you do it before, the system ‘remembers’ your texts and shows it as 100% plagiarized to them.

In other words, you have only one shot with Turnitin. So, leave it to your academic staff.

Multilingual Checkers

Instead, you can use Plagiarisma to check your paper. It does not save any text you paste but still is equally sensitive as Turnitin and Copyscape. Plagiarisma supports lots of formats, including even epub, pptx, and others.

This tool is free of charge but also quite advanced. It supports over 190 languages. Thus, it is not merely about English. You can check texts in other languages to make sure they are plagiarism-free. This advantage makes this tool great for international students.

Free Means Bad

When it comes to plagiarism checkers, this assumption does not work. Many companies providing essay writing services have created their own plagiarism checking software to get a greater market share. It is free for every person who visits the website. But it does not mean it is of low quality.

For example, Plagiarism Checker created by SmallSEOTools gives a chance to instantly check your file or text for plagiarism. It is highly sensitive and can be trusted. Although it doesn’t offer on-site editing, it contains links and highlights the text that looks suspicious.

Reports Can Also Be Free

You can get reports after each plagiarism check if you want. Moreover, you do not have to pay extra. Plagiarism Detector promises to check your text under 1000 words for free and provide you with a detailed report.

This report is a confirmation of your paper’s uniqueness. You can run as many checks as you need before you reach 100% originality. However, if your essay exceeds 1000 words, the checker will require you to purchase a pro version.

2 in 1

Some companies like Grammarly offer their plagiarism checkers as an extra service. If you purchase their premium account to check your spelling and grammar mistakes, you can use the plagiarism checker for free.

The algorithms work very well. If they spot any hint of plagiarism, the system will provide you with a suggestion on how to avoid this possibility. You can edit your text immediately and see whether you’ve managed to improve the result.


For those working on SEO, is a very helpful resource. This website unites over 95 online tools that assist writers in enhancing their product quality. Its plagiarism detection tool is one of the instruments that deserve your attention.

It works fine for both students submitting their essays and professional writers working on landing pages. The Internet does not tolerate plagiarism, so this tool’s sensitivity is super high. If you find it hard to get rid of plagiarism, Prepostseo also offers a free paraphrasing tool.

Specialization in Plagiarism

Quetext plagiarism detector provides nothing but high-quality plagiarism checks. It specializes in plagiarism detection, offering students deep and comprehensive analyses. This plagiarism detector offers only a few checks per month for free. The rest should be paid at $10 per month.

Still, this plagiarism detectir is one of the most popular among students. Its analyses are the most detailed and sensitive ones. You are likely to avoid any problem if you choose this software. Also, sharing one account with a couple of friends is possible.

Any File Format

If your text comes in a weird format, and you need to check it for plagiarism, there is a solution for you. Dupli Checker works with literally every possible format. For example, you can check your txt, doc, docx, rtf, odt, htm, and html files with it.

This is definitely most convenient for those working with advanced word processors. However, sometimes, students working on their projects also need such flexibility.

App Means Convenience

There are just a few plagiarism checkers that you can have as an app. Most of them are instant but require you to find them through your browser. Apps usually mean better customization and reliability.

Thus, you can use CopyLeaks if you need to install one on your Android or iOS device. The system promises to check no matter how many texts below 1000 words for free. is a user-friendly plagiarism checker, and it’s no wonder: it does a great job of scanning all sorts of academic assignments for readability, accuracy, and consistency.

The service detects copied language and generates a detailed report document. This turns PlagiarismCheck into a trusted plagiarism checker for teachers, students, and business owners.

One of the key reasons why PlagiarismCheck is widely used by universities and undergrads is that its prices are pocket-friendly.

The pricing tiers include Basic (for the price of $5.99), Light ($9.99), Standard ($25.49), and Premium ($45.49). Feel free to do an extensive plagiarism check of any piece – from a simple 5-paragraph essay to a complex research paper.

Final Words

Thus, everybody chooses the tool that meets their needs in the best way. It is hard to recommend one tool that would be the best for everyone. However, it should be noted that despite the high demand for it, quality plagiarism detection remains free of charge.

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