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Galaxy owners recently got a weird “Find My Mobile” alert – Here’s what it means

The shout heard around the Galaxy…

samsung android phone on table
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If you’ve been left scratching your head about some weird notifications on your Samsung Galaxy handsets, just know you’re not the only one. See, Samsung inadvertently sent some owners panicking when it pushed out a Find My Mobile notification as part of what it calls “an internal test.

Way to make people think they’re being hacked, Samsung.

Samsung just put every owner of a Galaxy handset on blast

See, Find My Mobile is only really used to track or wipe a handset after it’s either been lost or stolen. You can understand the confusion when your only Samsung handset starts getting notifications that Find My Mobile has been triggered, right? Even weirder, what if you got the notification without even having Find My Mobile installed and activated?

Samsung has confirmed that it was part of an internal test, and shouldn’t have reached users’ handsets. Might want to check on your test procedure then Sammy, cause this ain’t cool.

Still, weird test behavior aside, you really should have Find My Mobile installed. You never know when you might misplace your shiny handset, and the $1,000 cost of the Galaxy S range is a beacon for thieves. The phone you save might be your own…

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