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Gamers that preordered the Xbox Series X might have to wait until December 31 to get their console

Silly you for thinking preorders meant you got the console on time…

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The Xbox Series X is technically here, but buyers everywhere are struggling to secure a unit. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s been revealed that some people that preordered the console might not receive it until the end of December.

Yes, you read that correctly. It has been revealed that some people that preordered the console through Amazon may not receive their next-gen console until December 31. As reported by MakeUseOf and from eager buyers on Twitter, Amazon is alerting preorder customers of the Xbox Series X that there may be some delays on the console.

Considering current events, some delays should be expected, but to hear that your console may not arrive until after the holiday season is absolutely disappointing. What if it was a Christmas present for a child (or yourself)?

As you can see, it’s possible that the console will still arrive before that date, but it’s definitely not the kind of email you want to wake up to.

Regardless, the Xbox Series X launches today. If you haven’t snagged one by this point, you may be out of luck for this holiday season, but make sure you keep checking out these locations if you are interested in the new console from Microsoft.

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