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GE’s Alexa lamp starts shipping in September and will cost $200

GE is launching its weird looking table lamp with Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant. Starts shipping in September. Preorders start today.

A while back ago we reported that GE was working on a weird but cool looking lamp with Alexa integration baked right into it.  Today, the company announced some more details about it and says they’re releasing it sometime in September.

The company for some reason or another is calling the lamp, C by GE Sol. I don’t know even know where to start with that so we’ll just leave it alone for the time being. Apparently, it’s part of GE’s “C” line of smart lights. The lamp will sell for $199.99 and preorders start today

Along with pricing and availability, GE highlighted some of the lamps features. For starters, there’s Alexa, which is basically a souped-up smart assistant on the Amazon Echo. However, the light has some tricks up its sleeves. For example, the lamp can act like a clock where it places little designs like the hour and minutes around the circlular design. The light can even be set to warm or cooler colors.

To sign up for the preorder list, you’ll have to get in line, but you can go ahead and secure your spot right now by clicking this link. Just navigate your way down to the bottom fo the screen and click on the “Sign me up” button and you’re good to go.

Either way you cut it, this is a damn helpful lamp when you figure the power of Alex built right into it.

► C by GE Sol

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