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German citizens will soon be able to store government-issued IDs on their smartphones

The feature is expected to release in fall 2021.

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The German Interior Ministry has announced that German citizens will be able to store their government-issued IDs on their smartphones. This way, they can prove their identities online when needed. 

Germans will be able to use their electronic ID card versions along with a PIN to prove their identity. They will also be able to use their electronic version of their ID cards to communicate with private businesses and government institutions. 

According to the Associated Press, electronic ID cards will be available in the fall of 2021. This initiative is just one of the steps to push Germany’s analog bureaucracy into a new, digital age. 

On the other side, the ministry approved a bill that will make government-generated data widely available to private citizens and businesses. The idea is to ignite the development of many new applications that will further boost digitalization in Germany. 

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