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Here’s a slew of tablet deals you might not want to miss out on

It’s holiday shopping time, and guess what that means? You don’t wanna be tied to your laptop – it’s a great time to pick up a tablet for your quick shopping needs!


Seriously, who wants to get off the couch and walk all the way over to their computer when they think of a great gift idea? Savages, that’s who. GearBest has a great assortment of tablets – some at up to 50% off.

Need a cheap tablet to distract your little hellions with? How about something that you can cut fruit on while reading your email?

Pick up this Onda V80 Plus tablet for just $89.99

Need something a little more powerful? Check out this Teclast X80 Plus is only $92.86:

You can pick up the even more powerful Teclast X98 Plus II for just a bit more at $146:

Not really a tablet person? That’s okay, there’s a whole bunch of deals on 2-in-1 laptops that are mostly small enough to hang out on the arm of your couch or your coffee table, so whatever you might be looking for – head over to GearBest and grab some of these terrific deals today!


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