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Google makes it easier to find what advertisers know about you with revamped ad settings

You can now easily see what Google thinks you like.

google assistant features ad settings
Image: Google

Did you ever wonder why certain ads show up for you on Google? Do you wish that some companies were no longer targeting you? The revamped Google Ad Settings page gives you more control over the advertising you see. You can also visit this page to turn off personalized advertising completely.

Under Ad Settings, you’ll find that ads are based on personal information that you’ve provided through your Google Account, such as your age, plus data from advertisers that partner with Google. Put together, Google does an estimation of your interests to create targets.

On my Ad Settings, for example, you can see that Google thinks my interests include Headphones, Laptops & Notebooks, Mac OS, and many others:

Google Ads targeting

I’m not at all surprised that Google knows stuff about me. Still, it’s a little bit jarring just how much it knows.

If there’s a topic on the list you’d like to delete, you can do so with ease. Just click on the topic and select Turn Off. Advertisers on your list can also be deleted, but just for 90 days.

Turn Targeting Off

Would you rather turn off all targeted advertising? Switch the Ad Personalization tool to the off position.

With so many complaints being made in recent months over Facebook’s advertising policies, it’s nice to see Google step up to the plate and add some transparency. The new Ad Settings page is simple to use, and clear in its intent. Best of all, it’s a quick way to see the type of information Google knows about you.

Will you be using this tool to better customize Google ads? Instead, will you turn off personalization? Let us know below.

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