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Google Chrome is still the fastest browser on Mac

This is according to… Google.

google chrome on macbook air
Image: KnowTechie

Three months ago, Google Chrome took over as the fastest browser on M1-powered Macs. Now Google is saying it’s even faster, with a 20-percent score increase in Apple’s own Speedometer benchmark.

When Google took the lead in March, it shared that it was done on a MacBook Pro with the ten-core M1 Max CPU paired with 64GB of RAM. Is that the same machine Google used this time? We don’t know, as the Google Chrome team didn’t share details this time around.

What we do know is that in March, Chrome posted a score of 300 on the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark. This time around, it increased that to 360, which is a hefty boost.

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To put that into some context, my gaming PC is powered by an i9-9900K and an RTX 3070. The same Speedometer 2.0 benchmark in Incognito in Google Chrome M102 gets 183. That’s two more points than I got using Chrome M99, but that’s within the margin of error.

The point here isn’t just that Google Chrome is faster than any other browser on macOS. It’s also faster than any other browser I tested on my Windows 11 PC. Firefox gets a paltry 139 on the same benchmark for me.

That means that the improvements to Google Chrome that make it the fastest on M1-powered Macs, also translate to any other desktop you’ll run it on.

Those improvements also carry over to the mobile app, with Android Police finding that Chrome on Android decreases page load times by about 15%.

You might have misgivings about Chrome’s dominance of the modern web, but as long as it keeps being fast, users will stay using it.

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