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Google’s latest Easter egg is a “choose your own adventure” game

Can you beat it?

google text adventure game easter egg
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

Google is known for throwing some simple Easter eggs into its search and app experience. Whether it is doing a backflip or playing Pac-Man, there always seems to be something to do. Now, you can waste some precious company time with a “choose your own adventure” game available in Google search.

First discovered by Reddit user attempt_number_1, you can start playing the game almost instantly.

Here’s how to play the Google game

  1. Head to (you’ll need the English-language interface)
  2. Search either Text game or Text adventure
  3. On Windows, click Ctrl-Shift-J (Option-Cmd-J on Mac)

Once you do this, you’ll open the developer console and be asked if you want to play a game. Type yes or no (yes, obviously). From there, you’re off. You’ll be playing as the letter G in an attempt to search for its friends o, o, g, l, and sweet, sweet e.

The game is not super difficult but will require you to do some map interpretation and solve some puzzles. It’s the perfect time waster for a lazy Monday morning.

Did you try the game out? Did you complete it? Let us know below.

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