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Google has finally agreed to terms to bring YouTube TV back to Roku devices

The companies reached their deal just before the December 9 deadline.

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Just a couple of months ago, it looked like Google and Roku were never going to come to an agreement and Google had planned on removing the YouTube app completely from Roku devices on December 9. Fortunately, the companies have finally reached a deal so you won’t have to worry about losing the app.

In a tweet from the official Roku Twitter account, the company happily shared the news with its customers. “This agreement represents a positive development for our shared customers, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available for all streamers on the Roku platform,” reads the tweet.

The dispute between these two companies has been ongoing for a while now, with Roku claiming that Google required preferential treatment to make its apps available on Roku devices. Roku actually pulled YouTube TV from its downloadable apps back in April after the two companies failed to reach any sort of agreement.

And more recently, Roku confirmed that the two companies were still not seeing eye to eye, and it really looked like the apps were going to be permanently removed from Roku devices. Google even said that it would be removing the apps by December 9 as a result of failed negotiations.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that. Here we are, just one day before Google’s deadline and the companies have finally come to an agreement. It looks like Roku customers won’t have to worry about losing YouTube or YouTube TV for a while now, after the companies penned this multi-year deal.

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