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Google is finally testing out dark mode for Google Search

Release it to everyone, cowards.

google desktop search dark mode
Image: Google

If you prefer your apps and desktop to be in dark mode, only to be temporarily blinded by opening Google Search, there might be a salve for your eyes coming. Google is testing dark mode for desktop search, so if your system is set to dark mode, you might see a dark gray background instead of pure white.

The feature is only in the test phases right now, as confirmed to The Verge by Google. If you’re part of the lucky test group and have system-wide dark mode set in Windows 10, open up Google Search in any browser and see if your background changes from the usual, pupil-pounding white.

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We tested on our systems but didn’t see the background of Search change to a more palatable dark gray, so maybe the test group isn’t that large. You can see what Google Search will look like if you’re in the testing group below, thanks to some Twitter users noticing that their search changed.

Will this roll out more widely, or will dark mode on desktop Search become something else killed off by Google? If so, they’d be moving against the current of the industry, with the major players all adding various levels of dark mode to their apps.

That includes Microsoft, who just recently expanded dark mode in Word documents, so the page you’re writing on will have a dark background.

Have any thoughts on this? Want dark mode on Google Search? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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