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Google Search on mobile will now let you mindlessly scroll forever

Soon you won’t have to click the “see more” button to load up more results.

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Google is working on a pretty interesting update to searches on mobile. To help keep your experience seamless and fluid, the company is changing up searches so that they now come in one, continuous page.

In a blog post on the company’s website earlier this week, Google revealed that it would be updating mobile searches to feature the new unlimited scrolling. Instead of having different pages of results, the new update makes it so that all results are shown on a single page that you can scroll through to the end.

Previously when you would search for something on Google on your mobile device, you could scroll through the page a few times before hitting a wall. To see more results after that, you would be required to click on a button that says “see more.”

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Google said in its blog post that the feature would begin to roll out for “most English searches on mobile in the US” starting on Thursday. Personally, I haven’t seen the update on my phone yet, but these features tend to roll out over time.

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This feature seems pretty cool, but I’m not sold 100 percent on it quite yet. On the one hand, it’s nice to not have to click the “see more” button to load up more search results.

But on the other hand, I tend to treat the first page of a Google search as a substantial source of information in most searches, so I don’t know how I’ll feel about never reaching the end of a page.

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