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Google Maps now adds the most popular dishes to restaurant listings

I mean if it’s popular, it should be good, right?

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Image: Google

Google’s been on a roll adding new features to Google Maps recently, but this one really takes the cake. No, really, because Google Maps will now start showing the most popular dishes as part of the listing for restaurants.

Hey Google, what’s for dinner?

Think of the new feature for Google Maps as a mini-Yelp. The new carousel under a restaurant’s contact details will show the dishes that Maps contributors posted the most. This might not be as useful in your hometown, where you can easily ask your friends for recommendations, but for traveling in another city or foreign country? Count me in.

There’s even a Menu tab if you want a deep-dive into some deep-dish, which shows pictures of the dishes and collected reviews for those dishes so you can really find out what’s good.

The app will even handle the translation into your native language for you, breaking down language barriers so you can get a tasty treat more easily. Android users of Maps don’t have long to wait, as the new update is rolling out currently. The iOS version of Google Maps will get the update in “coming months.”

Google is trying to make Maps be more than just navigation, turning it into a tool for discovery and exploration. That includes the new Explore tab, which shows interesting things to do in your local area, and the upcoming ability to order food directly from Maps, search, or Google Assistant.

What do you think? Glad to see these new features being added to Google Maps or is becoming too busy? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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