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Android users: Avoid and delete this app – it’s stealing passwords

Uninstall ‘Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools’ if you downloaded it

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Image: KnowTechie

Another malicious app full of Android malware managed to find its way into the Google Play Store. ‘Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools’ had been installed over 100,000 times before Google took it out of the store.

Found by security researchers at Pradeo, the app has a nasty trojan dubbed ‘FaceStealer.’ The malware tricks you into putting your Facebook login details in, then sends those credentials to a Russian-based server. Yikes.

Your Facebook details aren’t the only thing it wants. The app also can siphon off credit card details, conversations, searches, or almost anything the attacker wants to know.

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screenshots of malicious android app craftsart cartoon photo tools
Image: KnowTechie

Photo editing apps that cartoonize the images are a hot category. Most apps let you use them before logging into an account, but not here.

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This credential-stealing Android malware won’t let you use the actual app without putting your Facebook details in.

Why does it want your Facebook login info?

BleepingComputer notes that “users have become numb to these login prompts.” I mean, how many apps want you to use Facebook to log in? It’s an option on many, even if it’s not necessary.

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Their report also has some good tips for vetting unknown apps, which we’ll summarize, as all of these points should be considered when downloading apps where you don’t know the developer.

First, check the reviews of the app in question. If it’s a low score or has reviews like “doesn’t function” or “totally fake,” it’s not worth downloading.

Next, check the developer’s name. Here, it’s “Google Commerce Ltd”, and has a random Gmail address as the developer contact. This should be a red flag on its own.

If there’s a link to the developer’s page, visit it and see if things match the Google Play listing. Any mismatches should be another red flag.

Last, you can always try emailing the developer’s contacts. Any email that bounces back is the final red flag. No active, trustworthy developer would have a defunct email.

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app should be removed from your devices if you installed it. Then, you should reset your Facebook password, and add two-factor authentication so you’re protected.

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