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Google Sheets just got a serious speed boost

Google Sheets is turbocharging your productivity by delivering faster calculations and smoother performance for all users.

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Are you tired of watching that spinning wheel while your spreadsheet catches up? Google Sheets is easing that frustration with a major speed injection. 

The company announced that Sheets will now “run significantly faster” when performing calculations, whether it’s a simple SUM or a complex query. That means less time waiting and more time crunching numbers.

Harnessing WasmGC: Google Sheets speeds ahead

The magic happens thanks to WasmGC, a new web technology that replaces JavaScript for code execution. Think of it as a turbocharger for your spreadsheets.

WasmGC is so potent that Google believes it could be even more impactful than WebAssembly, the tech it’s built upon.

So what does this mean for you? Expect zippy performance when running formulas, creating pivot tables, and using conditional formatting.

Those with large files will particularly appreciate the boost, as the improvements apply regardless of file size.

TechRadar notes that Sheets now leverages the WasmGC library, which doubles calculation speed through faster code execution.

The update is live for all Workspace and personal users who access Sheets through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Support for non-Chromium browsers like Safari and Firefox is coming later. Google’s not stopping here, either—they’re working on reducing initial load times and improving copy/paste and filter performance.

This speed boost is the latest in a series of moves to make Google Sheets a more robust tool. Remember when Google expanded cell limits and smoothed out scrolling? It’s all part of the company’s push to deliver a desktop-class web app experience.

So next time you dive into a complex spreadsheet, you might be surprised at just how quickly things move. Google’s got the need for speed, and your productivity is the winner.

Have you noticed the difference in speed in your own Sheets workflow? Leave us a line below in the comments, or post the discussion on Twitter or Facebook.

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