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YouTube Premium price hike to soon hit grandfathered accounts

The new prices hit existing Premium subscribers in January.

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YouTube Premium has announced a new price hike for the grandfathered accounts, and users will have to start paying the new rates starting in January. 

Back in July, YouTube announced the price hike for Premium users in the United States, but grandfathered accounts were spared from the price increase and could keep the old rates for a few more months. 

At that time, YouTube Premium subscriptions went up by $2, making it $13.99 per month for both current and new subscribers. 

YouTube didn’t implement the same price hike for its grandfathered accounts and provided an extra few months at the older price.

However, a new 9to5Google report says all that is about to change in 2024.

Loyal YouTube Premium users, get ready to pay more

However, YouTube’s appreciation for its loyal customers is coming to an end. Now, grandfathered accounts that were paying $9.99 or $7.99 will have to pay $13.99 for their YouTube Premium subscription starting January 2024. 

An annual YouTube Premium plan costs $139.99, so you end up saving around $27 if you subscribe yearly instead of paying monthly.

Meanwhile, grandfathered YouTube Premium subscribers who also use YouTube Music are seeing an “Upgrade” tab in the bottom bar. 

The “Upgrade” tab is reserved for the free or trial users. However, due to a bug, the tab is appearing for paying customers as well. Hopefully, YouTube will fix the issue as soon as possible.

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