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Hands-on: Jamestown+ is your next favorite top-down shooter on Nintendo Switch – PAX West 2019

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for this one.

jamestown+ on nintendo switch
Image: Final Form Games

If you’ve never heard of Jamestown, I envy you, because I wish I could play this game for the first time again. And frankly, if you thought of Jamestown the colony and not Jamestown the game, that makes sense, because Jamestown is an alternate, science fiction re-telling of the colonies and the revolutionary war, as told through space ships and futuristic weaponry.

Do I have your attention yet?

Mechanically, Jamestown is about as much shmup as you can get, with a top-down perspective, colorful weaponry, and a slow auto-scroll from bottom to top. Jamestown is co-op, however, which is fairly rare in the genre, and it supports up to four players.

Check out the trailer for Jamestown+ here

If that was all that was coming to Nintendo Switch, that would still be exciting. The Switch is the ideal platform for Jamestown, originally released several years ago, and I would love to see this game get new life on a new console.

It’s not, however. Jamestown+ is a complete rebuild of the original game, from the engine to the scan line shader, and more. It features a dozen ships, up from just four, two new levels, and performance improvements as a result of a total code rebuild.

If you like top-scrolling shooters as much as I do, Jamestown+ is a masterpiece of the genre and it comes out in Fall 2019 for $17.99 Windows and Nintendo Switch.

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