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This nifty carafe heats your water automatically as you pour it

Finally, no more waiting for the kettle to boil.

duo carafe being used in a kitchen
Image: Heatworks

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If I ask you “What’s the most annoying thing in your kitchen?”, what comes to mind? The icemaker that always stops refilling? Maybe the smelly garbage disposal? What about standing around waiting for the kettle to boil? Sure, you could get one of those fancy hot water storage things, but then it’s always reheating and probably wasting energy.

What if your carafe automatically heated your water to the correct temperature while you poured, every time? That’s the question answered by Heatworks with its DUO Carafe. Using its own patented Ohmic Array Technology, the carafe heats water only when poured, to the exact temperature that you set. Pouring from the other side gives you cold water, as it doesn’t pass through the heating system.

Unlike traditional water heating systems, there are no submerged heating elements here. The Ohmic Array technology uses the conducting properties of the water itself to pass current through, energizing the water molecules to a heated state. With electricity always choosing the path of least resistance, the water being poured out of the carafe is without risk of electrocuting the user.

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Another benefit of the super-precise heating of this new tech – the water can be heated in 1°F increments by changing the flow rate. That’s ideal for the perfect pour-over coffee or for making baby bottles from powdered formula. With the water in the rest of the carafe staying cool, it also quells all those pseudo-science fears of double-boiled water.

More about the carafe and Heatworks

The carafe itself was designed in partnership with frog, a global design agency that has projects like Honeywell’s Lyric smart thermostat in its portfolio. The DUO carafe is a perfect example of minimalism and would partner well with your hipster Chemex pour-over coffeemakers. With so many electric kettles looking like utilitarian or industrial towers, the DUO is a breath of fresh air.

One thing I don’t see is a water filter. Maybe adding a partnership with Pur or Brita could bring filtered water into the carafe so you don’t need two receptacles on your counter.

The DUO is currently in prototype stages only, with no word on a retail release date or price. Heatworks is already selling products using the Ohmic Array tech, in form of the Wi-Fi enabled Model 3 tankless home water heater, so hopefully, consumers won’t be waiting too long.

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