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Here’s what we know about the Asus ZenFone 5 so far

Everything you need to know.

Asus zenfone 5
Image: @evleaks / Twitter

Although the ZenFone 4 was released in North America just a few months ago, the company is already preparing to launch the ZenFone 5. The question on our minds now is – what can we expect from this new Asus Model? Also, when will we be able to see it? If you want to know the specifics, read along and find out everything there it is to know about Asus ZenFone 5.

The Leaks

Every Asus model is visually appealing – if you want proof, just take a look at the reflective back of the last ZenFone – so will the new model live up to the standards? As Android Police reports, last week, the famed phone leaker, Evan Blass dropped a couple of pictures and specs of the upcoming device on Twitter.

From the look of things, we should prepare for something a little bit different this time around. At first glance, the new device looks a lot like Honor 6X. Reportedly, the ZenFone 5 will have four cameras: two 20 MP cameras on the front and two 16 MP ones on the back. Also, according to Evan Blass, the screen resolution will be 2160×1080.

Asus ZenFone 5 Design

So what the most significant difference between ZenFone 4 and 5? Well, the cameras are a placed in the middle of the device and print-sensor is directly below them. However, we’re still not sure will the phone look this or not. As it seems, we have some contradictory information out there.

For instance, if we look at the schematics leaked by WinFuture, we see that the vertically-stacked cameras are placed on the side, with a top-center print-sensor. And on the bottom, we have a standard headphone jack and a Type-C USB port.

Asus zenfone 5

Image: Winfuture

Nonetheless, the reports probably as contradictory as some people think. In fact, the WinFuture leak is probably a render of a different version of ZenFone – the Max Version. The picture we have supposedly comes from the manual and shows the “Asus X X00PD” model number.

According to another render published by WinFuture, it doesn’t look like we’ll see a Type-C USB port on the ZenFone 5 Max. The phone will seemingly have a MicroUSB connector instead. And that’s what we know about the design at this point, now let’s look at the specs…

Asus ZenFone 5 Specs

Just like the previous models, ZenFone 5 will have a few different versions: the regular one, the small lite version, and a larger ZenFone Max. Naturally, they won’t have the same specs. However, rumors about the specs are already floating around the web.

Asus will likely keep the wide-angle lens, as seen on the previous version of ZenFone, for this one. This is good news since this is the feature that separates this line of smartphones from others on the market, which use their cams for blurred background purposes.

Asus zenfone 5 mockup

Image: Winfuture

We still don’t know the exact size of the screen; however, as the information leaked by Evan Bless indicates, the device will probably have an 18:8 aspect ratio and a full HD resolution. The benchmark leaks by Android Authority also show that the 5 Max model will have a Snapdragon 430 microchip.

Furthermore, according to the same report, the standard version will have a Snapdragon 660 chip and 4GB of RAM. And so far, that’s all we know about the specs. During the next few weeks, we’ll probably have even more information about the device, so sit back and wait for the leaks to start pouring in.

When Can We Expect It?

So when can you expect the ZenFone 5 – and all of its spin-offs – to arrive? As we mentioned in the opening, the last model has only released a few months ago, and while there’s a small chance that the company will launch the device at the end of the month at Mobile World Congress, it’s also possible that we’ll have to wait a few more months. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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