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How to share your screen on a Google Meet call

Google’s Presenting feature is super helpful, here’s how to use it.

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If you’ve ever used Google Meet for a video call, you might know about its super useful Presenting feature. It’s a built-in way to share your screen with others, so they can follow along with whatever you’re presenting.

With work from home slowly becoming our new norm, these kinds of collaborative tools are indispensable for effective meetings or for helping troubleshoot issues. We’ll show you how to use the screen sharing abilities of Google Meet, so you’ll always come prepared.

How to use Google Meet’s Presenting feature

The first thing you need to do is get into an active Google Meet call, using the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Click on New meeting or enter the code of the call you’re going to join

  2. Click on Present once you’re in the call Google meet call showing present button for screen sharing

  3. You’ll get the option to share a Chrome Tab, Your Entire Screen, or Application window Google meet screen sharing menu showing a choice between chrome tab, your entire screen, or application window

  4. Chrome Tab lets you choose one of the currently open tabs as the thing to share

    It will also share any audio from that tab, unless you tell Google Meet not to, by unticking the Share audio box at the bottom left Google meet share chrome tab menu

  5. Your Entire Screen does exactly that, shows your entire screen to everyone in the call

    Make sure you really want to share everything that’s on your screen, before choosing this

  6. Application Window lets you pick from all the currently running applications to share the view of

  7. To stop presenting, click on Stop Sharing, or on Stop presenting

  8. It’s even possible to share your screen using the Google Meet app

    Tap the three-dot menu while in a call, then tap on Share Screen, then confirm with Start Sharing (on Android), or Start Broadcast (on iOS)

When you share using the Android app, Google Meet will show everything that happens on screen, including notifications so you might want to disable those before the call.

Have any thoughts on this? Do you use this or something like Zoom? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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