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Here’s the magic behind 3D printing explained in a simple infographic

Ever wonder what the process is behind 3D printing? This infographic from Shapeways give us a peek.

3D printing is one of the most interesting technologies being developed today. The applications for this additive manufacturing process stretch from custom made toys all the way to the rapid prototyping of rocket parts for NASA. As the technology develops, manufacturers are planning to build larger scale designs and the healthcare industry is even looking at 3D printing organs.

Shapeways, one of the leading marketplaces for 3D printing has developed an infographic that explains the manufacturing process behind the magic. They have been able to help seasoned designers and novices alike see their creations come to life in three dimensions.

Shapeways offers free tools to help designers model their designs in 3D and is able to produce plastic, ceramic and even metal pieces. In the past they have partnered with design firms to create flowing dresses and other fashion accessories. Check out their Nervous System collaboration that resulted in a beautiful flowing plastic dress. Take a look at the infographic below to learn a bit more about how 3D printing works!

Shapeways 3d Printing

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