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Someone spent over 900 hours creating this amazing 3D-printed roller coaster

This is ridiculous in the best possible way.

3d printed roller coaster
Screenshot: YouTube

3D printers are awesome. No one can argue that. Typically, however, most people that use 3D printers as a hobby stick to making… smaller items. Dungeons & Dragons figurines, tiny gadgets, and so on. But one person decided to go all-in with their 3D printer.

Made by 3d_coasters on YouTube (thanks, Gizmodo), over 900 hours worth of work went into creating this little monster. At a scale of 1/35 to real roller coasters, hundreds of hours went into printing the 2,900+ pieces, plus all the hours just to model and make the pieces, as well.

Check out the 3D-printed coaster here:

In addition to all the 3D-printed pieces, the creator also used an “Arduino with 5 micro servo motors and 1 DC motor.” This helped propel the coast through the entirety of the track.

In the YouTube description, the creator notes, “This proof of concept taught me invaluable lessons in design feasibility, problem solving, and most importantly perseverance. This project was not easy, but it’s impossible to say how much fun I had with it!”

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