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Mighty Buildings is building a 3D-printed housing community in California

The company will use robots and 3D printers to all but eliminate construction waste.

mighty buildings 3d-printed house
Image: Mighty Buildings

The housing crisis in California is well-documented and has been a subject of many debates in the past years. A startup called Mighty Buildings believes that it has the formula that will address both the housing crisis and sustainability. 

Mighty Buildings plans to build a small community of fifteen homes in Rancho Mirage, California. They even stated that the project s the “world’s first planned community of 3D printed homes” and raised funds to make it happen. Last month, they raised $40 million as part of their series B round of financing. For this project, they will use only $15 million, whereas they will use the remaining funds for additional plans and projects. 

Mighty Buildings plans to use its proprietary light stone material that can be shaped simply by exposure to UV light. Furthermore, this construction method encompasses robotic arms and robotic automation for tasks such as quality inspection scans. This system has several advantages over classic building methods like speed, affordability, and sustainability. Homebuilders can create units faster and 40% cheaper while reducing construction waste by an incredible 99%.

The end result will be homes that are no different than traditionally built houses. Each of the 15 units of this project will feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms. As if that is not enough, the folks that will live in these 3D houses will also have at their disposal a 700 sq. ft. two-bed unit with a bath attached to it. 

The backyard will come with a deck, a pool, and there will be enough space for future upgrades such as open-air showers, firepits, and hot tubs. 

Inside the home, there will be an abundance of “wellness intelligence solutions” that will allow the residents to control almost every living aspect, such as lights, water quality, air, etc. Thanks to the smart tech implemented in these units, residents will enjoy sustainable and comfortable living while using energy and resources only when they need it. Along with all that, the 3D printed houses will come with solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall. That way, they will be “zero-net-energy.” 

They are estimating to complete the development by next spring. In the meantime, Mighty Buildings is already making plans and arrangements for new communities. According to their press release, they are already talking to numerous developers.

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