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How Fluidstance’s range of workspace accessories has improved my home office

We all spend too much time at our desks, might as well make the experience as great as possible.

Fluidstance raise, slope, and fill up water tower
Image: Ste Knight / KnowTechie

As a freelance writer, lockdown has probably had less of an effect on my life than it has for other people. I’m familiar with sitting in my home office mercilessly thrashing away at my poor GPGR mechanical keyboard. That doesn’t mean my office was perfectly functional, though. There was a lot of inconvenience about the space I was using.

However, several of the office accessories that Fluidstance has within its range have really helped me organize my office area into something a little more user-friendly. If your desk is a pile of paper, pens, and post-it notes, you need to get into the Fluidstance way of thinking.

Here, I’m going to review a couple of my favorite items from the range. Let’s go!

First, what is Fluidstance?

You may have heard of Fluidstance before. Why? Because they manufacture balance boards for those of us who prefer a standing desk. Fluidstance calls these “Decks” and they are actually excellent for posture. They even give you a workout while you steam through spreadsheets.

However, Fluidstance also makes a range of office accessories to give your workspace a healthier, more zen-like vibe. These range from hydration towers to monitor stands, with a whole bunch of stuff in between. The brand is based out of California. They go to great lengths to ensure that they develop their products in their native Santa Barbara – roots that they are fiercely proud of.

Fluidstance Slope

Fluidstance slope

Image: Ste Knight/KnowTechie

The first accessory I’d like to discuss is the Fluidstance Slope. This is an excellent piece of kit if your desk is forever littered with scraps of paper. Gone are the days of scrawling an important telephone number on a piece of paper, only to lose it two minutes later down the wormhole in the middle of your workspace.

The slope is a premium desktop whiteboard. As you might have guessed, it has a sloped design, which is perfectly ergonomic and great for doodling or writing quick reminders out. It comes with a handy whiteboard marker that has an eraser on the lid.

The recess at the back of the Slope is ideal for storing your favorite pen, and it even has a cutout so you can double the slope up as a phone stand through which a charging cable can slip. This has been a lifesaver when I have been on important calls and need to jot things down quickly. Both feet of the Slope are padded with grey felt to stop them from damaging your desk surface.

Fluidstance Raise

Fluidstance raise

Image: Ste Knight/KnowTechie

The Fluidstance Raise is a monitor stand. However, it works harmoniously with the Slope; you just slide your whiteboard underneath the Raise and it is out of the way. The stand is crafted from beautiful Birchwood, which gives your office space a softer, more natural feel.

The legs are manufactured in sturdy steel, with a white powder coating (not that kind of white powder…jeez) which again softens the appearance of the Raise. The space below doesn’t necessarily need to contain the slope, either. You can pop an external soundcard underneath if you are a music producer, or your Mac Mini will fit perfectly below the Raise, saving even more real estate on your desk surface.

Fluidstance Fillup

Fluidstance fill up water tower

Image: Ste Knight/KnowTechie

Staying hydrated while you work is incredibly important. That is what makes the Fluidstance Fillup (which I pronounce Philip) such an excellent idea. It is essentially a water tower, which stores 70 oz of water and keeps it cold for 24 hours. As my office is literally as far away from a drinking tap as I can get in my house, this means I can stay hydrated without having to schlep all the way to the kitchen.

The upshot of this is not only that my productivity remains constant, but also that I can ensure I am drinking enough water throughout the day. It is recommended that you drink between 1.5 and 2 L of water per day, so keeping a Fillup on your desk will help you to achieve that goal.

Fluidstance Shine

Fluidstance shine

Image: Ste Knight/KnowTechie

Keeping a clean desk is really important, and right now, it seems especially important. The Shine spray is great because it not only cleans the Slope properly and the wooden surface of the Raise gently, but it does so using all-natural products. This is much better for the environment than your can of Pledge!

The Shine bottle comes with a microfiber cloth to make cleaning even easier. You can use the Shine spray to clean your desk and everything on it, plus it is also great for cleaning the Balance Boards that Fluidstance makes, too!

My office is now a much happier place

Overall, these products from Fluidstance have definitely improved my office space. I feel more content in my office – and more hydrated, too! My desk space is no longer a mire of clutter. It is a clean space, free of distracting detritus. Personally, I couldn’t recommend Fluidstance’s products highly enough.

If you are still feeling cluttered after all of this, then perhaps decluttering your digital workspace is something you really should be considering…

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