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How to adjust your brightness on the Nintendo Switch

Want to save some battery life on your Switch? Lower the brightness.

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The Nintendo Switch is a great console for on-the-go (or on the couch), but with that portability comes a battery that you have to be mindful of.

There’s nothing worse than getting super into a game only to realize you are limping on your last leg of battery. One thing you can do to extend the battery life of your Nintendo Switch is to adjust the brightness of your screen.

If that is something you’d like to do, we’ll show you how – both from the settings menu and from the quick menu while in-game.

How to change the brightness of your Nintendo Switch

Go to System Settings from your home screen
Scroll down to Screen Brightnesshow to adjust switch brightness
Adjust accordingly or set it to Automatic Brightness

There you go, you’ve now adjusted the brightness from the Settings menu.

Adjusting the Switch’s brightness while in a game

If you are in the middle of a game and need to adjust your screen’s brightness, there’s a way to do that without ever having to leave the game.

To do this, simply hold your Home button for a couple of seconds until the quick menu pops up. There, you will have the option to turn on auto-brightness, adjust the brightness, and even adjust the sound levels. Simply adjust the slider until it is perfect and off you go!

There you have it, two ways to adjust the brightness on your Nintendo Switch. Now, you can hopefully squeeze in a couple more minutes of your favorite game, or brighten it up enough to see the next enemy a little easier.

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