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How to animate a logo in After Effects?

Logo animation is not rocket science, but it requires hours of practice.

Static logos are out of fashion. Today, companies are looking for fresh ways to make their names memorable. Adobe After Effects is a powerful environment for motion graphics design. It is well-suited to the task of animating logos. Here is a brief guide to help you grasp the basics.

If you are looking for truly advanced tricks, sign up for a logo animation after effects course. Professional design gurus will teach you to modify almost any icon or logotype. Pros know how to morph objects into anything. But first, get familiar with the fundamentals.

Step 1. Layer Separation

Unfortunately, clients may send their logo as a .jpeg or .png. If they are unable to give the original .AI file, there will be a few preparatory steps before you can separate the layers. If there is a background, you will have to remove it in Adobe Photoshop.

AI files can be transferred to Adobe Illustrator. Head to Object > Ungroup to split the layers. Each of the layers must be isolated and placed into an individual group.

Step 2. Adding Motion

With layers split, you can finally import the file into Adobe After Effects. By default, the logo will be displayed as one layer. Follow the sequence Right Click > Create > Convert to Layered Comp for separation to occur.

Now, a multi-layer composition will be accessible. The next step is dragging all the elements into the main composition. Finally, remove the original layer and work with each part of the remaining layer individually.

For example, you may decide your selected element should be spun in from out of the frame and scaled up. These adjustments are initiated with the S and R keys, respectively. Both need a new separate keyframe. Move the latter down the timeline.

Next, generate another keyframe at the beginning which will include some rotation. Make sure the scale is set as zero. Done! The chosen part will now expand and rotate into the initial size.

Step 3. Breathing Life into the Title

Here is how animation can be applied to text only. This requires a fresh text file in After Effects. Illustrator files may not be edited with the same extensive range of options. Use a shortcut: copy the text layer in Illustrator and paste it into a newly created one in AE. This should transfer the font as well.

Pay attention to the animate tab, which is displayed in the timeline. From there, you can play with Scale, Rotation, and Value. To work on each character separately, try the Enable Per-Character 3D effect.

Tip: RocketStock Resources

RocketStock offers powerful transition packs. Use these to create memorable logos. Impressive and often unique, they are yet simple to use.

Logo animation is not rocket science, but it requires hours of practice. No longer are businesses satisfied with static logotypes. Animated names are all the rage, and professional services are in great demand. This makes this skill truly valuable for a motion graphics designer.

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