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How to build powerful homepage links

A bigger picture mentality must be applied when using this strategy instead of expecting quick and easy traffic.

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Creating a website requires a strong SEO strategy to increase traffic to meet benchmarks that have been set beforehand. When structuring your website’s SEO strategy, do not forget a functional link-building strategy. 

There is a lot more involved in link building and that includes preparing content users will land on and distributing it accordingly. These steps are generally used on testimonial link building campaigns. How can this be done on sites with testimonial sections on their site? 

Here are the top tips of building powerful homepage links using this technique that will increase traffic and captivate users to stay longer on the site and return.

Identify businesses you need to contact

Right off the bat, draft a list of authoritative businesses with testimonials on their website pages that might be interested in your offer. When doing this, get a clear sense of their product or service range that you might work on. It is highly recommended to use those products or services before offering a testimonial. 

That might require you to document all purchases made historically and documenting those suppliers in an Excel sheet. Afterward, visit each site individually to determine whether they have testimonials on their homepage. 

Try to identify well-established businesses that have medium to high traffic because this will add value to your goals. Keep in mind that larger businesses might not be interested in the offer you are making, so target appropriate companies. A lot of SEO testimonial link building strategists have recommended leaning towards products used frequently in the niche you are in. 

If you hear about a business with a new product launch, offer a testimonial to build a link. Businesses with product launches upcoming might be very keen on getting a good testimonial as soon as possible. Essentially, you should target businesses that need good testimonials to get SEO backlinks. You scratch their back, and they scratch yours.

Pitch the idea to reach out 

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Once you have identified and shortlisted perfect candidates to create an SEO testimonial for, it is now a perfect time to reach out. Use the Excel sheet you have created to create a contact list. Gather email addresses or even contact numbers that you will use to confirm if they approve of SEO backlinks on their testimonials. 

Some businesses might be opposed to the thought of allowing competitors to post links on their sites. Instead of the similarities your businesses have, dwell on the value this potentially brings for both you. Their business will be perceived as reliable and trustworthy in exchange, you might get more traffic. Remember, they might do a quick Google search for your business.

To ensure that you pop up at least on the first page, use SEO reports software by Sitechecker and fix all that needs some TLC. Try avoiding to send a testimonial right away without approval from that particular webmaster. 

Instead, await their response and they might let you know they want it to be done. There are scripts you can find online on how to cold-email or event cold-call potential websites that might post the testimonials. Let them know that you are a huge fan of their work and how helpful it has been to yourself.

Create an outstanding testimonial

Once you have received approval to go ahead, the nitty-gritty part begins. Your testimonial should be on-point and outstanding. What is a testimonial that stands out? Firstly, it should have all the required details for targeted audiences.

Those details include information about that product, specific and detailed experiences, and be authentic. Do not overly praise the business but instead write a realistic review but that has all positive details. Identify a problem that this product solves and work on top of it. For example, outline how their product helped resolve this problem. Incoming traffic will see how it can help them also resolve a similar problem.

Be brief when writing a testimonial to grab the attention of visitors. Nobody writes long reviews for another business, but instead, they stick to a short review with only a couple of sentences. Stick to this for you to appear authentic, real, and achieve your purpose. 

A lot of businesses use their link as their signature when signing of that testimonial. For example, after writing a brief review, you might write:

Others have included their links more conversationally, maybe at the beginning. This does not really matter that much; what matters is writing a positive and authentic review. Don’t forget to share the testimonials with your customers with the help of social media automation tools

Pitch the idea of video testimonials 

Another very popular method of testimonials that businesses prefer is using video reviews. You can create a short informative video review by using your smartphone and after that, share it with the webmaster. It does not need to be fancy but instead focuses on the core goals of making that video. 

Pretty much you’ll do just as you did when writing a testimonial. Perhaps you are wondering, what are backlinks in video content? True, it seems impossible to get backlinks using video but there are quite a few innovative methods to do this.

Firstly, you can post that video on your website and ask the webmaster to embed it from there. Alternatively, you can ask them to embed a transcript found on the website you’re running to get backlinks. 

There are other creative ways to do this; you can brainstorm or research online. Businesses might be much more interested in video reviews since they are shaping how testimonials are made. Also, do not forget to include a banner including the link when editing this video. It will help get more traffic and contribute to overall SEO efforts.

The bottom line

Getting backlinks does not necessarily mean you are expecting direct traffic from them. Instead, you are building your credibility for search engines to trust the website you are managing. A bigger picture mentality must be applied when using this strategy instead of expecting quick and easy traffic. Also, fortify this strategy by continually creating engaging content optimized for search engines to propel your SEO strategy.

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