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How to help your clients avoid business interruptions

Data backups, email continuity, and disaster recovery solutions are just a few ways you can help your customers avoid interruptions

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Are you prepared for a potential IT outage? Preparing for interruptions is important no matter the size of your business. Unplanned downtime can be extremely costly. By preparing for the worst, your MSP business can protect your clients’ data in the event of an IT outage. Offering data backup, email continuity, and disaster recovery solutions are just a few ways you can help your customers avoid interruptions.

Common Causes of Interruptions

One of the top causes of outages is server issues and hardware failure. That can have widespread effects on your clients. Teaching your customers about these problems can minimize the impact. Often, human error is to blame. By helping your customers develop preparedness and recovering training program, you can reduce the risk.

In other cases, backups and software can fail. Using a data and backup disaster recovery (BDR) program reduces the likelihood of software not backing up. Not every outage is caused by an employee, however. Tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes are all common environmental disasters that may cause an interruption. These natural disasters can all cause power outages. If you have deployed an effective backup plan, your customers can avoid too many negative impacts. Giving your clients a list of what to do when they lose power allows them to guard their vital information.

Email Continuity

Your client needs to be able to access their email platform at any time. Today, many companies have salespeople working around the clock and they may have remote workers in different time zones. Businesses need to be available, and if they depend on email to do their work, they need to be able to access their inbox to keep operating as normal. Without email, your clients can’t keep strong relationships with their customers.

While in-person or phone communication is often used, many businesses would suffer without constant access to their inbox. If they have an email outage, your client will likely need to spend long hours repairing customer relationships. That’s why it’s so important to offer email continuity, which allows your clients to access their inbox even if the network fails. An always-on service lets your clients continue to receive, access, and send messages, protecting their revenue. Many email continuity solutions are easy to implement and do not require a costly investment.

Offer Backup Disaster Recovery

Many of your clients may not realize how much goes into keeping their information safe. They might not know that every aspect of their business, from databases to email, needs to be backed up. They just want everything to remain secure, believing the process is simple. That’s why you should educate them on the importance of BDR and deploy it.

Once you have taken this step, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens, you can fix the interruption and easily resolve the issue. A client is likely to see any issue with the network as your fault, no matter how it happened. Plus, an effective solution can open doors for new relationships with potential clients.

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