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Need to remove an object from an image? This free web tool lets you do it in seconds

Removing background objects can be a pain, but Cleanup.Pictures makes it easy.

Cleanup pictures object remover
Image: Cleanup.Pictures

If you’ve ever had to quickly edit something (or someone) out of a picture, you know it is a frustrating task best left to the professionals. Well, now it is something you can tackle whenever you have a spare minute, with a new tool that lets you remove objects from a picture with ease.

It’s called Cleanup.Pictures, and it’s some kind of technological wizardry. You can paint out people, objects, and more in seconds and without knowing how to do anything other than scribble with an on-screen paintbrush.

The app is not up to professional standards, but then again, that’s why professionals get paid the big bucks to do image editing.

Here’s how to remove objects from a picture with Cleanup.Pictures

Here’s how to use the tool:

  1. Go to and upload your image. We don’t like the thought of Kevin being inside our chocolatey treat so he’s gotta go. Kevin raposo inside a peanut butter cup

  2. Draw over the objects in the image you want removed with the brushCleanup. Pictures tool showing section of image drawn over for object removal

  3. As soon as you let go of the mouse cursor, the tool will remove your object. Works pretty well here, no more Kevin in our chocolateImage showing kevin raposo being removed from inside a peanut butter cup by cleanup. Pictures tool

Cleanup.Pictures might struggle with some types of image, especially those with busy backgrounds, but it’s not bad at all for a few seconds of work.

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Removing objects in professional photo editing programs takes forever, and the software isn’t cheap. Machine Learning makes things quick, which is probably why Google used it to power its Magic Eraser tool that’s coming on the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handsets.

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