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If you’re a photographer on Twitter, go turn on this setting ASAP

Trust us, it’s worth it.

It’s World Photography Day (Aug 19), so what better time to remind you that there’s an awesome image quality option in Twitter’s app that you might not be aware of. When turned on, it lets you upload images in 4K, giving you the best image quality to bless the timeline with.

Twitter actually announced this feature wayyyyy back in March and rolled it out to everyone using the Twitter app in April. Here’s how to enable it, so you can upload in the highest quality possible from the mobile app.

If you’re a photographer on Twitter, here’s how to enable 4K uploads

Want your Twitter photos to really stand out? Doing this is a must.

Oh, and fun fact: if we’re treating the resolution of these images the same as how TV manufacturers would call it, it’s actually double 4K, since Twitter lets you upload in 4096 x 4096 pixels. A 4K TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

  1. Open the Twitter app

  2. Slide out the left menu and tap on Settings and privacytwitter app side menu showing settings and privacy option

  3. Tap on Data usagetwitter settings menu showing data usage option

  4. Tap on High-quality image uploadstwitter app data usage options

  5. Choose if you want to always upload High-quality on Wi-Fi only, on Cellular or Wi-Fi, or never. This lets you upload images in 4Ktwitter app data usage high-quality image upload options

While you’re in that menu, you should probably set High-quality images to also show, otherwise you’ll be uploading in 4K but Twitter will resize things for you when you go to view your own tweets.

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Also, shoutout to @druephoto for blessing our timeline with this information.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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