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How to type out emojis on a PC

Sometimes words don’t cut it. For those instances, emojis can help.

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By the year 2030, emojis will become the dominant form of communication. Ok, that’s probably not true—but you never know. They seem to be everywhere these days.

When words aren’t cutting through, many of us turn to emojis for a sharper and often more entertaining form of communication. You can say a lot with a seemingly nonsensical string of pictures, and soon they’ll be teaching emoji in schools.

Let’s discuss how to type emojis on a Windows PC so you can learn to communicate more clearly or in a more confusing manner. It could go either way.

How to type emojis in Windows

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Since Microsoft added a key combination to bring up the emoji panel, typing emojis has never been easier. With swift fingers and a couple of well-placed clicks, you can use a picture of a clown, a fist, or a frog to tell a thousand words.

Here’s how to type emojis in Windows:

Press Windows key + . (period) or Windows key + ; (semicolon) and click the Emoji icon
Locate the emoji you want to use and click to insert it

If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the search box to find your emoji more easily. When you use the key combination to bring up the panel, you’ll also notice other options, such as GIF, Kaomoji, and Symbols. Use them wisely.

Learn emoji as a second language

Words are weak. Pictures have power. Embrace the soon-to-be-dominant form of communication and learn to speak in nothing but emojis.

Because when emoji becomes the new language of love, business, and commerce, those who are fluent will rule the world.

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