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How to watch Japanese Netflix from abroad

It’s surprisingly simple how to do this.

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Netflix is a whole new world for drama maniacs, movie lovers and shows watchers because it provides a vast array of options to get hooked into your desired kind of content.

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch global content from almost everywhere, except the content under the geo-restriction category. I know it sounds so annoying, but well, that’s how things work in the world of Netflix!

Like if you are a Japanese manga freak, then a subscription to Netflix will do no good to you if you are sitting in another country.

Whispers: Don’t worry, you can still watch Japanese Netflix and in this detailed guide by VPNTrends you will learn the best way to get a hand on your favorite Japanese anime catalog despite sitting on the other end of the world. Yes, there is a trick to bypass geo-restriction and believe me; it isn’t that difficult.

Why Watch Anime on Netflix?

Nobody knew that Netflix, the blazing red name of seven-syllable, would slowly become a household name. But over the past few years, it has swept the entertainment scene of the general public and nobody minds it.

You might ask why to take the headache of breaking geo-restriction when you can watch anime on some other sites and cable channels. But man, you know Netflix is a thing, and one of the top reasons why it is becoming so popular streaming option is due to its high-quality video files. The quality of content available on this platform gives you an unbeatable experience with sharp colors, high-resolution video, and better subtitle options.

And not to forget the large portfolio of content including some of the anime that is available on Netflix before reaching other platforms. And only anime lovers can understand how hard it is to wait for watching the anime series that they were dying to watch for a long time. Netflix can become a savior for them, but only if they know how to fool Netflix and get hand-on Japan-specific content from anywhere around the globe.

How to Break Netflix Firewall:

The most effective, reliable and easiest way to trick Netflix is with a VPN. Virtual Private Network was once considered just a tech-buffs antic, but now more and more people are turning towards it. It encrypts the internet activities of a device and channels you through a server located in the area of your choice.

In short, it masks your IP address and replaces it with an address of the targeted country, Japanese in this case. Once you get connected to a Japanese server, you can watch any content you like because geo-restriction will not be a thing for you then.

But make sure that you get the services of a trusted and effective VPN provider. Netflix has gotten hold of this trick, and it is actively blocking anyone bypassing through known VPN addresses. So, make sure that you are not trying to access it through a blacklisted VPN.

The next process after getting a VPN is straightforward:

  1. Make a Netflix account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Get one of the recommended VPNs, and start the app on your device.
  3. Connect to a Japanese server
  4. Go to Netflix website, log into your Netflix account and watch your desired content.

See, it isn’t that difficult! So, get your VPN and take a plunge into the sea of your desired anime series. Make sure to grab some popcorn – it is going to be fun!

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