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If you’re on Spotify’s family plan, Spotify wants to you know your physical address

Ahh, when “family” doesn’t actually mean “all the family.”

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Spotify is putting its foot down on misuse of its Family Plan. Last month, they updated the terms and conditions of the Family Plan to include the need for everyone on the plan to show actual proof they all live at the same address. Furthermore, users will also have to reverify from “time to time,” or risk suspension of their plans.

If you’re on a Spotify Family Plan, expect to have to verify your address

Last year, Spotify did something similar, by requiring Family Plan members to confirm their exact GPS coordinates. That disappeared in a privacy backlash, but a new version of the verification is back. Now you’ll have to use Google Maps to verify the address or risk termination of the whole plan.

  • Spotify’s Family Plan is a great deal, but all of the plan members must reside at the same address
  • You’ll now have to verify your address with Google Maps every so often
  • Misuse of Family Plans probably costs Spotify quite a lot of revenue a year. This Billboard report from last year says nearly half of streaming customers are on family plans.

I wonder how this works for those in apartment buildings, or shared accommodation like college dorms. Surely that’s one way to beat Spotify’s asinine attempt to police its bad policies. I mean, people are having kids later in life, and the average US household had 2.6 people in 2017. Why does Spotify think six accounts is needed by a family other than to make themselves look more generous?

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